1901 To 1950 Railroad History


At the time, the world’s longest trestle bridge, the Lucin Cutoff across Great Salt Lake was completed on November 26, 1903 at a length of  twelve miles.


With a speed of 127.06 miles an hour, the fastest ever recorded on an American railroad at the time, was attained by a New York-Chicago passenger train near Ada, Ohio on June 12, 1905.


On July 25, 1927, the first regular train in operation by the Centralized Traffic Control (C.T.C.) began on a 37-mile stretch of railroad between Stanley and Bowie, Ohio.


On February 26, 1928, the first train passed through the Moffat Tunnel in Colorado, the second longest railroad tunnel in the United States.


January 12, 1929, marked the completion of the longest railway tunnel in the western hemisphere, 7.79 miles in length in Washington. The tunneling began at both ends. The instrumentations were so accurate that the bores, each nearly 4 miles in length, were only out of alignment three inches vertically and nine inches horizontally.


On December 16, 1935, the Huey Long Bridge, the longest steel railroad bridge in the United States, spanning the Mississippi River above New Orleans, opened for traffic. It is 23,235 feet in length.



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